Do you have a skill to build a simple but dynamic day to day circuit that set everyone delirious. Do you think you own it? Do you have a tight grip on electronics? Then ECENTRA provides you a platform to perform your skill and it’s time to prove to your peers that you are the best.


consist of a test

Final round:
The final round has a problem statement, corresponding circuit has to be designed and verified.

Rules and regulations:

1. Each team can occupy maximum 2 participants

2. The Problem Statement will be given on the spot.

3. All virtual components/tools will be provided by the organisers and teams will have to use them.

4. Some helping tips will be provided to all the teams initially. After the beginning of the certain task no team is allowed to ask for any assistance.

5. Last date for registration is 4th march, 2017.

Registration Fee

100/- for team

Winner rules:

1. In case of a tie, ‘WRITTEN TEST’ score will be considered.

2. If all teams fail to complete the circuit, the design efficiency will be the sole judging criteria.


Judge's decision shall be final and binding.
It is mandatory to pay fee of Rs: 200/- at the reporting centre for claiming pass to participate in our fest.